Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Life is Always Interesting on a Hobby Farm

I've been so busy with our farm that I haven't posted an article here in months. Today I placed a quote by Gordon B. Hinkley on my FB page. It really touched me to find that quote today. I really love that great man. He taught me to be kind, even in the face of adversity. I love him for being such a good example of bearing your burdens cheerfully. I loved the time when he said, "Don't be a pickle sucker!" ha ha! In other words don't be a sour puss! Be cheerful, be kind and always do good!

There are so many fine examples of people such as Gordon B. Hinkley in our lives if we just take the time to look for them. When we rub shoulders with them we are cheered on! Our burdens are lightened a little and sunshine fills our hearts.

Today I sat atop a flat rock among many boulders. The sun kissed my face as I closed my eyes and leaned back to relax. I could hear a robin letting all the other males know that this was HIS territory! An occasional car passed by in the distance. My roosters crowed back and forth in competition... I could hear my goat in the barn munching contentedly on her cud. I was about to open my eyes and get back to work, when Ole and Lena called to me and started tickling my face with their soft noses. They nibbled on my hair.

My life is so different now....So peaceful at times that I revel in the silence. Those moments pass and sometimes craziness of farm life interrupts it! It's all good though. Life is just plain good!

This morning Karissa, my daughter in law discovered that Lena (a four week old twin Alpine goat kid) could get out of the pen in the barn. So the two of us positioned some fencing, that my friend Shannon had given us to block the way to keep her safe. Baling twine was used to hold it all in place. Lena showed us exactly how she'd escaped! She is a jumper and very athletic! She tried to repeat how she'd jumped over the fence by standing on the milking stand. I hope that when she's bigger, she slows down a bit, and her weight holds her closer to terra--ferma! Other wise we are in BIG trouble!

I love my life. It's always changing. Our son Ryan and his bride Karissa moved in with us a couple of weeks ago. We are so happy to have them with us. They've been such a big help on the farm. I hope they are enjoying their stay with us. Life is always interesting on a hobby farm.

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