Tuesday, November 13, 2012

An Attitude of Gratitude and Thanksgiving!

The first time I ever payed attention to the word "Gratitude" it came from the lips of a sweet 4 year old little girl during a sacrament talk in church. Her name was Rebecca--Becca was her nickname. Her mama stood at her side as she gave a very thought provoking talk beyond her years. I was a newer convert to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The words she said that day, and the way she pronounced gra-TI-tude, inspired me to have gratitude in my heart for many years to come.

I often revisit that moment in my minds eye. It was a turning point for me as a young mother. Isn't it amazing how that happens to each of us as gospel truth resonate in our own individual souls at differing times in our lives?

I'm grateful today, knowing that I'm healthy again. Moving to the farm has strengthened me so much--in body and in spirit! I have hard earned muscles now that I've not felt in years. I have a new-found inner peace that is so comforting. I've turned my resolve as endured chronic pain-- into action many times over. I'm able to help my neighbor do hard things that I thought never possible in my lifetime. I still have many weaknesses that I'm striving to overcome as a child of God is meant to do. I'm by no means perfect, but I'm reaching further and trying harder to attain personal and spiritual goals.

Two years ago I was sick and over a hundred pounds overweight. My liver was sick, my heart enlarged and failing with the edema I had. I could feel myself slowly dyeing once again. An all too familiar feeling. Then a dear friend told me about a weight loss plan that worked and the action of just doing it and praying hard, saved my life. Now I have a job from home, helping others do exactly what I did for myself! I talk to people who feel what I have felt during my struggle with obesity. My life now is now a huge contrast to that struggle I once had in simply trying to exist and to care for my family. 

 My life is forever changed! As I walk a couple miles a day around our beautiful alfalfa field with my dog friend Koda, I revel in the freedom from bondage I do feel. I even run from time to time as I wish. I enjoy hearing an occasional crow of a pheasant, my rooster crowing behind me as I walk. My mind is clear as I hear a cow bellowing for her calf next door. The wind in the blue spruce and the leaves tumbling beneath them catches my eye. All simple things I missed, or forgotten during my struggle to hang on. It's almost as if I'd been given a new pair of glasses! Instead of seeing a fuzzy green carpet, I can see each individual blade of grass! There is so much we miss when we are in pain or struggling.

One thing has never changed through my fight to regain what I'd lost, I still live each and every day as if it were my last. I never take being able to stay here on earth for granted. I always keep in mind, that I can do more than I think I can as well. I forgive those who say hurtful things or have no idea what is really in my heart. I try very hard to be kind every day. I ask Father for people to serve and to be able to alleviate suffering whenever I can. These are  only a few things that are important to me and deeply healing. 

I hope you pray hard for the righteous desires of your heart daily. Know that every prayer IS heard by our loving Father in Heaven! If you don't believe this to be true, pray for the knowledge that it IS true! It will get you through some really hard things in life. 

This morning, as I realized, that if I was needed, I too could dawn a yellow jersey on that says Mormon Helping Hands-- is the realization that I have truly arrived and am really healthy! I can help now where there is a need. I can't tell you how my heart has swelled today as I watched the video I posted from New York. It inspires us to do more for our neighbors, our friends and our families and our nations. I'm pleased that our four sons decided to go out into the world as missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It was a blessing to be a mom of four missionary sons. They are my example and I love them dearly.

Here's the link I mentioned! Enjoy! http://vimeo.com/53357089

I challenge you to pray for service today in your part of the world. Then act on those promptings. Lets see what unfolds. It matters not if you are wheel chair bound, bed bound or healthy! You can do hard things and you can help others with your words, your actions and your deeds! The more you help others, the less your burdens will feel. I promise that as time goes by and you help others more and more, your burdens will be lightened, your spirit will soar and your heart will be filled to overflowing.

I'm grateful for my friend here, who didn't give up on me. It took six months for her to get through to me about the Docs Stimulus Drops plan that saved my life. How she must have prayed for me and how grateful I am today...  I'm alive today, and a testament of what service can do for one person. 

May we all be a blessing in someones life today. Now, go pray for service opportunities! I know you're gonna love your life even more for your sacrifice. (((HUGS)))

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