Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Life Is Blossoming All Around Me

I must say that this past year has truly been the best year of my life. Have you said those words before? I don't think I have before now. Being healthy is so underrated. Breathing and moving and living life so fully is something I pray I never take for granted again.

 I love my job. Helping others lose the weight and get healthy is the most amazing thing. We can all do hard things when you have the knowledge and the tools to overcome adversity. I love empowering people to get healthy. I love alleviating the suffering of others. It's like, giving back to Heavenly Father for all the miracles he allowed to happen in my own life. The blessings flowed when I finally decided to do what he wanted me to do. How grateful I am to be alive and healthy again! Life is blossoming all around me and I'm enjoying every second of every day.

We moved to a farm recently. The old farmhouse was refurbished and updated. It's a pleasure to live here. So much sunshine coming through the windows. Every window has a wonderful vista to savor.

 Our pup Koda loves it here! Terry and I have fun walking the back 30 acres together as Koda runs from spot to spot rolling in the snow, walking through streams and picking up a plethora of burrs in his long golden fur. Yeah, it's a full time job pulling em out, but worth it. Soon I'll be planting our garden. All my lillies have been transplanted....Two more weeks and I turn the soil over in the veggie garden! YES! Can't wait!

In the past two years we've had three weddings and now we've been blessed with two beautiful grandsons. When I think about how hard I had to work to stay alive and get healthy-- it was all worth it. Worth it when I held those baby boys in my arms. How many times I'd been told I wouldn't make it to this point in time. I'm glad I never gave up on my dreams of being healthy again.

 Being a grandma is the biggest blessing in my life. Being a mom of a missionary is another. I'm glad I lived to see all the things in my life loved so much and worked so hard for, come to fruition. Family is a blessing. How I love my Heavenly Father.

Our son Elder Otis who is serving in California is doing so well. He comes home in less than 7 months and I can't tell you how it fills my heart to have sons who were willing to put their own lives on hold. They have served the Lord full time for two full years. Elder J. H. Otis is one of those souls. We are so pleased with his commitment and dedication to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I can't wait to talk to him in May! Mothers day will be such an amazing day!

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