Thursday, June 14, 2012

Last January a mighty change came to the lives of my husband Terry and myself. We moved to the farm! We had no idea how much of a change it would be. We had worked towards this goal for quite some time. We had helped at a friends farm growing an amazing garden with them every year. We felt like we were farmers in training so to speak. It was great! But the size and scope of our narrow vision into farming took on a whole new light after actually moving here.

The first thing we noticed when spring came, was how tired and sore we both were. This is a 35 acre farm. About four acres of it is grassy park like grounds that need constant mowing and attention. There are many perennial flower beds that needed pruning and weeding as well. We added a very large garden next to the alfalfa field. Now that was a huge undertaking because the previous owner who had passed on, hadn't had a garden there for a couple of years. The weeds were tremendous and we had to till it up three times before we could plant. It was also on a hill and had to be terraced so it wouldn't wash away.

Terry and I have never been so tired, sore or happy in all our life. It doesn't seem possible to be all three of those things at once--but we are. The joy of working hard has a payoff--contentment!

President Thomas S. Monson-- the President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, said recently, "Teach your children to use their hands!" I've always been a firm believer in doing just that for our four sons. Not one of them is a stranger to hard work. All have a wonderful work ethic, but they also know how to play. I think balance is so important in ones life. When we work hard and play hard together, it promotes a kind of unity like no other. Family work is so important.

We have now added a small flock of hens to our farm. They make me giggle with their silly antics. The chicks are constantly sparring for fun. The hens like to find soft dirt and take a dust bath in it. They flick and sift the dirt under their feathers in the most ridiculous positions, to get rid of pests and itch. Then suddenly one will find a bug and it's like they are running around with dust flying everywhere. "It's mine! It's mine!" are the words I think of as the other birds chase them around vying for ownership of the juicy winged morsel. It's very entertaining! Who needs a TV right? Of course the best part is the fresh eggs we gather daily.

This is a very fulfilling life we are leading. It's one of self sufficiency in the making. I smile all the way home from town with each farm I pass to get to ours on the hill. Now, that's a little slice of heaven on earth,

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